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Bridal chamber is decorated, these balcony railings must change!
Apr 17, 2018

Most of the houses now are turrets, with railings on the balconies.But maybe some friends don't know, some unscrupulous developers in order to save costs, will use defective material to make the balcony railing, this is a huge potential for residents to stay in safe hidden trouble, let's see what the balcony railings below need to pay attention to it.


Inferior glass baluster balcony.

Some bad developers will use the single layer of glass to make the balcony railing, the material will be broken and cracked with a little bit of force.If new homes have the resident of the glass railing of the balcony, even less decorate a budget again, when decorating must first give it to change, especially with children in the home, after all, we are not willing to happen not accident.

Of course, this dangerous glass is one way glass, not all glass.Now in the market has a lot of safety glass, such as double laminated glass, the glass is double, glue is among, even if a layer is broken, and in the middle of the glue will make them stick together, not immediately broken off, fall to the ground, so we have the reaction in the case of accident.

Wooden fence

Wooden fence look nice, of course, this kind of material of the fence is not used at the top, because he is ligneous, loading capacity is limited, so it is easy to crack, so the better for the bottom.

Even if the developer USES an anticorrosive wood, there is no guarantee that the quality will be as good as usual ten years later.So it's a lot of heart.

Stainless steel rail

Stainless steel handrail is the choice of many friends balcony railings, it cost is low, the service life is long, even if be exposed to the environment of wind and sun is not afraid.Be careful, though, if it burns in the summer sun, be careful not to touch it with your hands.Because there have been news reports before, one of the children directly touched the exposed stainless steel railings, resulting in a blister.We'd better be more careful.

Add and zinc steel fence 10 characteristics.1: it has the harmony and signature of the surrounding environment, and it has the difference with the neighboring unit.

2: high strength, no rust, long life, wide application range, unique structural design, variety show diversity, and beautiful and generous.

3. Good flexibility. The rigidity and flexibility of the base material have good impact resistance.

4. The color of the assembly is diversified, and not only the beautiful features can better protect the body.

5. The surface treatment of electrostatic spraying makes the guardrail products have good self-cleaning function, and the rain wash and spray washing can be as smooth as new.

6: bright color, smooth surface, high strength, strong toughness, corrosion resistance, anti-static, no fading, no cracking.A guardrail with decorative effects.

7: environmental protection, fine workmanship, reasonable supply and demand, technological strength, product surface smooth, no burr, anticorrosion treatment, uniform coating, permeability is good, do not affect the person's visual line of sight, weather resistance, anti-aging, pest-resistant, use a function in place to meet safety spacing and solid strength.

8. Good decoration and rich color, satisfy the individual requirements of different customers on guardrail products.

9: reasonable price and economic benefits.

10: safety bolts of stainless steel, designed to prevent pilferage, solve your worries.


The company has always adhered to the first-class quality and the first-class brand.First-class service "service tenet, hard to grasp quality, quality as the benchmark to win a better reputation;At the same time, we should pay attention to technological innovation, keep improving, and keep the concept of focus, efficiency and win-win to provide high-quality and perfect service for our new and old customers.Welcome to visit and negotiate business!

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