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The specification, function and characteristics of iron horse guardrail.
Apr 12, 2018

The rapid development of traffic, gave people a quick and convenient, save time, improve the efficiency. The corresponding led to economic growth, driven by the tourism, hotel and other consumption. Road traffic developed, also provides some jobs. The transportation is convenient, people would think about buying a car, and so on, pull the cost of living. However, the rapid development of traffic, to increase the occurrence of a car accident, caused certain threat to people's lives. A surge in vehicle, emissions caused a certain degree of environmental pollution, zhongshan iron guardrail manufacturer will give you analyze the relevant knowledge of the iron fence.

1, act the role of iron guardrail products tube using 32 ㎜ iron pipe, tube made after forming, welding processing of 22 ㎜ iron pipe derusting pensu processing, after high temperature drying process, the electrostatic spraying the surface labeled with reflective film finished product;Decoration is convenient, impact resistance, not easy to age rust, long service life and other characteristics.

2. Innovative design, convenient installation, road barrier, fence, flexible movement.Easy to install, no need to hoist, no road construction can be installed, storage convenient and reliable place save the place, the product can be recycled, no pollution.The specification, function and characteristics of iron horse guardrail.


3. Bright colors can be connected to a large area of road through a guardrail coupler to form a longer barrier chain or to block the enclosed security isolation.The overall bearing capacity is stronger, more stable, can be adjusted with the road, flexible and convenient.

4. It can be used to warn the yellow flash lamp or attach other facilities to play different roles and effects.

It is mainly used for the protection and protection of equipment and facilities in construction site, road and factory, workshop, warehouse, parking lot, commercial area and public places.The column of the anti-collision guardrail does not need to be fixed by the expansion bolt and the ground, which is convenient for mobile transportation.Can be placed on the roadside to dominate the traffic.

To effectively reduce the damage of equipment and facilities caused by accidental impact of moving equipment.

Besides, it also plays a protective role in the logistics handling equipment itself.(such as cargo platform edge fence prevent falling forklift accident risk) iron guardrail, construction fence, iron horse road police, vehicles, traffic barrier, safety, construction fence, warning marks, and service quality, reliable guarantee for your order of traffic management and security.

The horse fence is also known as the iron fence, iron, construction vehicles, guardrail, fence, iron fence, temporary isolation isolation is generally used in construction, road, road wend isolated populations and large public;Process: the surface adopts the paint, the appearance is beautiful and high-grade, durable.

Material: welded pipe + paint + reflective film.

Isolate the iron horse.

1. The iron guardrail is made of high quality welded iron pipe bending machine with bending machine at one time, and finally welding forming;

2. The surface is made of baking varnish, which is resistant to corrosion and durable.

3. Can be flexible to move, adjust with the road, the installation is quick and easy;

4. Cost saving and no harm to the road;

5. Paste yellow high-intensity reflective film, and the warning effect is obvious and ideal during the day and night.

6. Iron horse guardrail manufacturers can customize according to customers' requirements;

The company has always adhered to the first-class quality and the first-class brand.First-class service "service tenet, hard to grasp quality, quality as the benchmark to win a better reputation;At the same time, we should pay attention to technological innovation, keep improving, and keep the concept of focus, efficiency and win-win to provide high-quality and perfect service for our new and old customers.

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