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Apr 25, 2018

When it comes to fire fighting, most people probably think of fire, which may be a long way off, but it is close at hand, because we can't live without fire.

On August 12, 2015, there was a fire and explosion in tianjin port.On this fateful day, 165 people were killed and eight lost.Among them, 24 public security fire fighters, 75 fire fighters in tianjin port, 11 civilian police and 55 others.The number of missing persons is 8, including 5 fire fighters in tianjin port and 3 others.

[addition and guardrail]

Add and hardware zinc steel guardrail fire training.

In order to save lives, tianjin firemen in the fire scene retrograde filled with poisonous gas, the maximum looking for survivors. They do our best, hundreds of firefighters and police died in the accident.The youngest of them is under 18.Without these firefighters and civilian police, more people would have died in the fire.

The serious accident was caused by the bribery and malfeasance of the relevant administrative personnel, and the illegal accumulation and storage of the highly toxic and inflammable and explosive dangerous chemicals of tianjin ruihai company.The direct economic losses caused by the accident are billions of dollars, and the indirect losses are incalculable.Those responsible have now been punished by the law and are willing to rest in peace.

[addition and guardrail]

In the event of fire, we can completely avoid the fire. Today, our company asks the professional fire safety officer to train all the staff of our company for fire safety training.

Add and hardware fire to train zinc steel fence.

The summary of the training is as follows.

1. Regularly update fire fighting facilities.

2. Do not throw cigarette butts and fire.

3. The interior decoration is not suitable for flammable combustible materials.

4. Public safety of hydrant relationship, do not damage, occupy or bury pressure.

5. Take good care of fire-fighting equipment and master the use of common fire fighting equipment.

6. Do not carry inflammable and explosive goods into public places and take public transportation.

7. Observe the fire signs in public places and remember the evacuation direction.

8. Keep the evacuation passageway clear under any circumstances.

9. Anyone who finds any behavior that endangers public fire safety may report to the public security fire department or the police on duty.

10. Be careful with fire. Do not place combustible or combustible materials near the source of fire.

11. Find gas leak, close the valve, open the door and window, do not touch the electric switch and use open flame.

12. The electrical wiring should be repaired and replaced in time.

13. Circuit fuse (piece) fuse, do not replace with copper wire.

14. Do not overload electricity.

15. Find the fire alarm call 119, fire brigade fire free of charge.

16. Anyone who knows the situation of the fire shall promptly inform the fireman of the situation in the fire field and inflammable and explosive materials.

When the fire strikes, evacuate quickly. Don't be greedy for belongings.

18. When you have to escape through smoke, you should try to wrap your body in wet clothes, cover your mouth and nose, and close to the ground.

19. Fire on your body, roll on the spot, or cover the fire with heavy clothing.

20. When the fire seal door is unable to escape, it can be used to clog the door with soaked bedding and clothes, and pour water to cool down, and call for help.

Practice the truth, fire extinguishers use drills.

Add and hardware zinc steel guardrail fire training.

Fire training galvanized steel fence and hardware.

The main purpose of this training is to enhance fire awareness, fire escape and fire extinguishers.

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